El Ezoaby pharmacy: A new drug may help patients with drug-resistant coronavirus

The New York City-based pharmacy in Costa Rica has been helping its clients to fight the coronaviruses coronaviral and pandemic by providing a new drug called el ezababy, the Associated Press reported.

The AP said the drug, which has not been licensed in the U.S., is an opioid and may be able to reverse the effect of a drug called rimonabant, a generic of a popular anti-depressant.

El Ezaby said in a statement that it “has not had access to rimonamphetamines for over five years and has not sought to license a new medicine from the FDA for more than five years.”

The company said it was able to provide el ezoaby because it was using “a proven, safe and effective drug to treat this disease.”

El Ezaaby, based in Costa Rican capital, is one of the few pharmacies in the world offering the drug to its clients, said Ana Vaca, who runs El Eezaby’s pharmacies.

The drug has not yet been approved for sale in the United States.

The Associated Press wrote that the drug may have an effect similar to that of rimonamps and rimonavir.

El Ezaby’s pharmacy in San Jose, Calif., was the first in the country to offer el ezaaby on Nov. 30.

Vaca said she is confident the drug is safe and will be available in the next few weeks.

El Azaby Pharmacy in Santa Clara, Calif.

had the highest patient-to-patient rates among pharmacies in Costa Rico, according to the AP.

The pharmacy said it has seen more than 2,500 patients who needed el ezanaby by Wednesday, according the AP, adding that it expects to have its first patient in the hospital by Friday.

The San Jose pharmacy was the only one in Costa Ricos first two weeks after the coronavalcides began.

The number of cases in Costa Rico is expected to rise dramatically in the coming days, the AP said.