What’s in your pharmacy prescription? This

article article Now, a brand new brand of pharmacy pill has been created, one that uses nanoparticles to inject medicine into your bloodstream.

The company is called Novartis and it just got FDA approval to begin selling the new drug, called NPS-12.

The company’s president, David Molloy, told reporters on a conference call that the drug will “change how medicine is delivered and delivered to patients.”

The drug is made from a nanoparticle, called an intercalated copper nanoparticle (ICP), which has the potential to “enhance and extend the therapeutic capabilities of medications, medicines, therapeutics, and therapeutics” Mollay said.

Novartis is also working to develop an alternative to copper nanoparticles called a nanoblast.

In this process, an ICP is embedded in a living cell, and then injected into the cell, said Molloys.

This way, the nanoparticle can enter the bloodstream.

This new drug has a longer duration than standard nanoparticles, which means that patients could take it for longer periods of time.

“The longer duration of these drugs is really important for the patients to understand what’s going on,” Mollysaid.

Novartists CEO, Richard Leighton, added that the drugs can also be used to treat rare conditions like diabetes.

Novastis is not the first company to make a drug using nanoparticles.

Earlier this year, Novartes pharmaceutical company, Oxfam Pharma, made a similar drug called Pristiq.

That drug was approved by the FDA in April and is still on the market.

Novostix is also not the only company to offer nanoparticles as drugs.

Last month, Pfizer, a company based in the United Kingdom, announced it was selling nanoparticles for the treatment of chronic pain, depression, and other disorders.