How to find a doctor in Australia

Posted November 02, 2018 01:27:47 In Australia, you can find a dentist or a doctor by calling the local hospital.

But where are the doctors in your area?

There are no national dental standards for medical treatment, so many places offer services for less than what’s required in your home state.

That’s because the state and territory codes do not set out what they expect doctors to provide, so there’s no clear standard for where they should provide services.

To help make sense of it all, has created a handy guide to the best places to get a doctor.

We’ve put together a list of the top 25 doctors in Australia.

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Sydney CBD, Sydney, Australia: 743 GP visits per year There are about 743 people who practise in the CBD in Sydney, according to figures from the Australian Medical Association.

That means more than a quarter of all the patients seen by a GP in the city are people who have been referred from elsewhere.

The CBD’s hospitals, including St Vincent’s and the Sydney Hospital, are all close to the CBD, so a good number of patients have to make the drive from nearby suburbs.

The number of GP visits has also been on the rise in recent years, with a record number of people visiting the city every day.

The city’s hospitals have a large number of specialists in the area, so the number of specialist staff is higher than the rest of Australia.


Melbourne CBD, Melbourne, Australia and surrounding suburbs: 738 GP visits Per year Melbourne has the second highest number of doctors per capita in Australia, with more than one in five residents having a specialist practice.

The average number of doctor visits per resident is about three.


Brisbane CBD, Brisbane, Australia, and surrounding areas: 639 GP visits / year Brisbane has one of the lowest rates of hospitalisations in the country, according the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

This is because of the city’s high density of people, so people are seen more frequently there.

The area has the highest proportion of residents who have a specialist practise.


Sydney area: 619 GP visits for every 100,000 people, NSW: 1,921 GP visits in Sydney per year The city is one of only a handful of Australian cities with a high number of residents having specialist practices.

That includes the Victorian capital, Melbourne and the northern suburbs of Adelaide and Hobart.


Perth, Perth, Australia (near the Sydney CBD): 561 GP visits, per 100,00 people, WA: 703 GP visits (per 100,,000) Perth has a very high proportion of resident who have specialist practices, but it’s not in the top ten.

The WA Government has been working to increase specialist training in the state, which is currently around 70 per cent.


Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia / surrounding areas, SA: 456 GP visits/100,000 population, SA, Australia & surrounding areas : 515 GP visits each 100,