Heliopolis: Egypt’s first medical school

Egypt has opened its first medical education school in the ancient city of Heliopolia, with the head of the institution’s faculty saying it will open next year.

The opening of the centre was confirmed by Dr Mohamed Gharabeh, director of the University of Al-Aqaba Medical School in the eastern city of Giza, according to the country’s national news agency.

Dr Gharabaah, who is a member of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences, told the agency the centre would be run by an Egyptian-Egyptian team and will offer medical training to students from Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan.

It will be a unique project in Egypt’s history and it is very important to establish its capacity to address the medical needs of people in these regions,” Dr Gharabeeh said.

Dr Mohamed Ghababeh is the first person from the country to be appointed head of a new medical school in Egypt.

Source: News.au article Egypt’s medical system has been plagued by chronic underfunding, with a total of nearly $8bn in medical debt in the country.

Dr Ghababeeh, who said he hopes to see Egypt become a world leader in medical education and research, also promised that Egypt would open medical schools in all major centres, including those in Jordan and Palestine.

Egypt is one of the few countries that do not currently have a medical school, but Dr Ghabeeh said he was optimistic that in his future time as head of medical education he would have a mandate to establish such schools in other areas of the country, including the West Bank.

Dr Ahmed El-Dakki, president of the Palestinian Medical Association, said he believed that the medical education programme at the medical school would be a success.”

I’m confident in the results of this project.

I believe this project will be an inspiration to all Palestinian doctors and nurses,” he said.”

The students will get the best care in hospitals, clinics and schools.

I believe this project will be an inspiration to all Palestinian doctors and nurses,” he said.