Pharma to increase pharmacy service in Dublin to cope with influx of drugs

The pharmaceutical industry is hoping Dublin’s 24 hour pharmacy service will be expanded to cope as the Dublin Airport’s 24 Hour Pharmacy Scheme closes.

The new service, which allows patients to access medications at pharmacies located in the airport, will begin on December 10.

Patients will need to bring in a valid passport for the medication to be dispensed, and then have their prescription verified by a pharmacist at the pharmacy.

The pharmacy will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can accommodate up to 200 patients.

A spokeswoman for Pharma Ireland said the service will help improve patient safety, reduce prescription costs and support the pharmaceutical sector’s efforts to reduce the number of prescription deaths in Ireland.

Patient safety is the company’s top priority and a service like this is a great example of how we can help our patients feel more comfortable when taking their medication, she said.

Dublin Airport has had a 24 hour 24 hour pharmacist pharmacy service since the scheme was launched in 2013.