What to expect at the new pharmacy in Egypt

Egypt’s first pharmacy will open in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Monday, and the pharmacy will be called El Ezaby.

The new pharmacy will feature a full range of health services, including surgery, blood tests, medical and dental treatments, and even surgery, the Egyptian Daily newspaper reported on Friday.

The pharmacy will offer free and discounted dental services, as well as free cosmetic procedures, according to the paper.

The chain will be the first in the country to offer allopathic and alternative medicine services, which is not only better for patients, but it is also cheaper, according the paper, citing an unnamed source.

The brand name of El EZaby will be announced at a press conference at 3:30pm GMT on Monday.

The Egyptian newspaper said that the chain has been in the works for several years and has already received some initial investment.

According to the news outlet, the brand will include a pharmacy, a pharmacy assistant, and a medical and dentistry assistant.

The outlet added that the brand name will be revealed during a special conference on Sunday at the presidential palace.

The newspaper said the brand would be the brainchild of Ahmed El-Ghadboul, a businessman who is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

El-Qasem el-Ghashemi, head of the group’s health ministry, has been working with a business partner to develop a new brand.

He has been leading the project since 2015, according an account on the official website of the National Authority for Health and Social Services, which runs the country’s health system.

El Ghashemie has been a vocal critic of the current Egyptian government, and has made a number of comments about it.

His opposition has been supported by a number civil society groups.

In 2015, he said that Egypt’s health care system was failing the people and that the country was headed for collapse.

In December, he also said that he would boycott a visit by the US president, Donald Trump, to Egypt and called on his administration to intervene in the government’s healthcare plan.