China has the world’s longest-running coal-fired power station, but now it’s a ticking time bomb


— China is the world leader in coal-burning power plants, but a growing number of Chinese cities are switching to renewable energy, an international development group says.

The U.N. Environment Programme says China is building the world�s longest-lasting coal-fueled power station in Guizhou province, known as the Puyehong coal mine, which is being built to generate electricity at a rate of 4,000 megawatts.

That�s a huge amount of coal.

At the same time, China�s coal use is soaring, with the government declaring last year that its coal demand is rising at the fastest rate in decades.

China has more coal-powered plants than any other country in the world.

It produces nearly half of the world production of coal and produces more coal than any country except Japan.

A report last year from the International Energy Agency said China is on track to reach its peak coal consumption by 2040.

And with the world looking to curb its carbon emissions, the Chinese government is investing heavily in renewables, including solar power.

But as China�t only one of the top five countries in global coal use, the country has been grappling with how to curb the country�s use of coal in the face of rising emissions.

In May, China reported its biggest-ever coal consumption decline in a decade.

Now, China is in the process of switching to solar, as the country struggles to keep up with its rapidly growing renewable energy use.

Last month, the government said it would set a target of 30 percent of its power generation by 2020 from renewable energy.

To help curb its coal use and keep the economy growing, China has been expanding solar panels.