The el ezeraby pharmacy is now a new home for Hackers

The el eskeraby pharmacy has moved to a new location, according to a Hacker News user who posted a video of the new shop.

“Its been a while since the pharmacy was at the site and its been a long time since I visited.

Its not an easy decision but I felt that I would have to give it another shot,” a user named Bajiraj wrote on Twitter.

“The new location is a lot more spacious, and it is not the same location as before.”

Hackers were not allowed inside the store in the past, and the new location will feature a large screen, a wider menu and new displays.

“I really love the new space, the staff is amazing, and I think its been great to have an open shop,” a customer named Gail told Hackers.

The new location also has a new sign, a new front entrance, and a new entrance on the ground floor.

“It looks very clean, and its definitely a new place, the store is very modern,” another customer named Chaudhry told Hackies.

“They put in a lot of things I really like and I feel its a good fit for me.”