How to help Egypt’s emergency medical services in the wake of the deadly attacks

EGYPT — The Egyptian government is trying to reassure people who fled the country amid the worst mass shootings in modern Egyptian history by holding an emergency medical clinic for patients and staff on the eve of the country’s annual religious holiday.

President Mohamed Morsi is hoping to reassure citizens that the country is on the right track and has managed to contain the spread of the violence that has killed more than 300 people.

He announced the opening of the clinic for people and staff in the central Cairo district of al-Fath, a district of Cairo’s southern suburbs that was rocked by the attacks on Wednesday.

The president’s decision came as Egypt’s armed forces battled Islamist militants who launched the attacks in the most deadly wave of attacks in modern history.

Morsi also announced a new law that will require all medical facilities to be licensed, and all health workers to wear face coverings in hospitals.

He said the government will provide free vaccines for the next four months, and that the army will begin distributing vaccines for women.

Morsi and other government officials say the new measures will reduce the number of victims and help to prevent more attacks.

The law will allow the ministry of health to issue temporary licenses for all public hospitals, while the armed forces will begin patrolling the streets of al.

Fath and other areas in the south, where the attacks took place, will remain closed, and government offices and schools will remain open.

But there is no official statement from the president or the military on how the emergency medical facilities will operate.

There is no immediate information on how long the emergency operation will last.

The emergency clinic, which will be called al-Gharbiya, was opened on Wednesday and will be staffed by Egyptian doctors and nurses, who will be able to prescribe and administer emergency care to patients.

The government has yet to announce the number or the duration of the operation.

The clinic will also be used for distributing emergency supplies, according to the ministry.

The Egyptian military said it will be carrying out a comprehensive investigation into the attack on Wednesday that killed at least 300 people and wounded hundreds more.

The Islamic State group said the assault was carried out by a suicide bomber and said the attacker had shouted “Allahu Akbar” before shooting at police.

The military and Islamic State have blamed each other for the attacks.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it targeted the police headquarters and military base, and urged followers to carry out the attacks with a military attack.

The attack on the military base killed 15 soldiers and wounded 10.

In a statement, Islamic State said it had taken responsibility for a suicide attack in the city of Alexandria that killed eight soldiers and injured seven others.