How to treat pneumonia: The health system has got pneumonia covered

Egypt is experiencing a shortage of antibiotics to treat patients with pneumonia.

According to a new report by Egyptian health minister Abdul Fattah Al-Zahri, the Ministry of Health has not issued a single order for antibiotics since April 20.

The Ministry said the shortage is due to a shortage in its capacity to procure the medicines.

“The Ministry of Healthcare has no resources to procure these medicines,” Al-Sebi told Al-Ahram.

In October, Egypt’s health ministry said that the number of infections from the coronavirus outbreak has risen to 9,000.

This is the fourth consecutive month that Egypt has reported a significant increase in the number and severity of respiratory infections.

Last week, Egypt recorded the worst respiratory infection outbreak since the outbreak of the virus in 2011.

Since the start of the outbreak, there have been at least 14 deaths and 1,500 cases of pneumonia.

The country has seen an increase in new cases in recent weeks.