How a pharmacist is using a mobile app to make sure patients receive their medicine

The pharmacists at El Ezaby Pharmacy in Costa Rica are using a smartphone app to keep track of patients’ medications, and the app is being used by many of them to track patients’ prescriptions.

The pharmacy has a pharmacy app for the iPad and iPhone that allows users to make an appointment and see their medications in real time.

The app is an effort to ensure that patients get the best possible care at the pharmacy, said Ana Maria López, El Eazaby Pharmacist.

It also helps to track the progress of a patient, and provide a list of medicines available, and what pharmacies have in stock.

The pharmacies have been using the app to track their patients’ orders for more than a year, and now they are taking advantage of the fact that many of the patients they see using the service have other medications to order, said Lóz.

The idea behind the app was inspired by the work of Colombian doctor Rafael Valenzuela, who had developed an app that enabled users to see their prescription history from their iPhone.

In 2010, Lóxas pharmacy was in the process of moving from the old paper route to a new electronic route to reduce its staff and staff costs.

The team decided to incorporate the app into El EzaY pharmacy because of its accessibility and ease of use.

Lópis patients are able to order any of their prescriptions using the iPhone app, which allows them to record their order, order status and a summary of the prescription history and order history from the iPhone, according to Lós.

The mobile app allows patients to view a patient’s order history, their prescription status and order histories.

The pharmacy app also allows them the ability to order prescription materials, such as a pill pack, prescription medication, and prescription medicine labels.

The iPhone app can be downloaded for free on the App Store, and users can order up to two prescriptions per month.

Lopes said the app allows them a much more streamlined experience for their patients.

According to Lopes, the pharmacy app was used by approximately 60 percent of their staff.

The use of the app has also helped the pharmacist to get in touch with their patients, she said.

The team uses the app so they can get the latest updates and know the patient’s medication status.

López said she hopes the app will help the pharmacists to make the most of their time.

The pharmacist can see their patient’s medications in the background and see the progress they are making, which can help to avoid any unnecessary unnecessary prescriptions.