How to get your blood pressure tested

In Egypt, the practice of having your blood tested is illegal, but some pharmacies and pharmacies-affiliated doctors do it.

Here are five things you should know if you are going to be having your test.


It is illegal to use fake blood test The blood test is an expensive, time-consuming process.

The Egyptian Medical Association says that the test is used only in exceptional cases, such as patients who are undergoing treatment for an infectious disease.

However, there is a risk of false positive results.


Your blood tests must be sent to a laboratory before your test results are sent to you The Egyptian government requires that all samples sent to labs must be stored in secure containers for 48 hours, and only then sent to the medical office that tests the samples.


There is no way to get a refund or replacement sample If you are not happy with your test result, you can always go to the doctor and request a replacement sample.


You must be 18 or older to have your blood drawn An exception is for patients under the age of 18, who must be examined in the hospital and then sent back to the lab.


It takes three to five days to receive a test result and a prescription It takes at least three to four days to get an Egyptian medical certificate to submit your results to the laboratory.

1/5 The blood pressure test is not mandatory for all Egyptian patients A blood test cannot be used as a substitute for regular medical tests.

However if you think you have an elevated blood pressure, you should have your test done by a doctor, who can give you a prescription.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Egyptian Health Ministry’s Public Health Department at (216) 565-2681 or the Ministry of Health at (212) 936-2377.