What to expect during the emergency operation in Egypt

Egypt’s national health ministry said on Monday it was ready to operate 24-hour pharmacies for patients in the country’s most populous city, Alexandria.

A ministry official said the state of emergency was extended until Thursday after more than 10 people died in the stampede.

It’s the third time Egypt has had to call in its 24-hours pharmacy.

The government has been scrambling to contain a coronavirus pandemic that has claimed at least 3,300 lives.

It’s also been forced to step up security measures.

Egypt has about 10 million people, about half of whom are under the age of 25.

Its capital, Cairo, has been the epicenter of the outbreak, where coronaviruses have killed at least 7,300 people.

It has also been hit hard by the death toll, with more than 70 percent of deaths being linked to the coronaviral disease.