Why a doctor was shot at by protesters in Cairo

The Egyptian Medical Association said Friday it had fired its chief, who was shot in the leg while trying to remove protesters from a hospital in the city of Alexandria, and was in critical condition.

The medical association said it had suspended the medical chief of the city’s El-Kheir Medical Center for his role in the attack.

The attack happened as doctors were removing protesters from El-Mukari Hospital, a popular destination for patients.

They were protesting against President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s decision to open a hospital there.

The shooting happened just before midnight on Friday when a man opened fire on a crowd of protesters who had gathered at the hospital and started to clash with police officers, witnesses and hospital officials said.

A hospital source said the medical head had been shot in both legs.

The hospital, which is run by a group of physicians, is the biggest in the country.

El-Khabab told the Associated Press he had asked the president’s office to send a medical delegation to the hospital, but the presidential office had said they could not send them.

Sisi was inaugurated as Egypt’s first democratically elected president last month and has vowed to improve healthcare services in Egypt.