Egyptian doctors offer free egyptian medical store

Egypt has launched a 24-hour medical store offering free medical care to patients, as the country struggles with the countrys worst outbreak of coronavirus, local media reported on Sunday.

The news service al-Ahram reported that the medical clinic is located in a mall near Cairo’s airport.

According to the report, medical personnel will be available to offer free treatment to people who come in to receive medical care.

The clinic, which will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., will also offer vaccinations for the people who will be admitted to the clinic, and free vaccinations for anyone who wants to visit the clinic as well.

Medical staffs will also be available for people who want to come and see patients.

The health ministry has announced that a total of 1,400 people have tested positive for coronaviruses in Egypt.

In addition to coronaviral diseases, there are other diseases including respiratory illnesses, infections and urinary tract infections, according to the Health Ministry.

Egypt has reported 5,948 deaths from coronavirochic cases, including 865 from the virus.

The country also has reported 9,621 new cases, a number that has risen from a peak of 2,938 reported cases in May.