Which is the most expensive EgyptAir flight?

EgyptAir’s Airbus A330-200 is currently on its way from London to Cairo after it was diverted to a hospital in Egypt for medical treatment. 

The airline says the aircraft is “in good health” and has a good schedule.

EgyptAir says the flight was delayed on Sunday, after the Airbus A320 took off from Cairo airport to Larnaca Airport in Cyprus.

EgyptAir said the flight landed at the airport at 12:40am local time on Monday.

The plane has been on a flight from Larnakia to Cairo since May, when the airline had just completed a six-hour flight between Larnacia and Istanbul. 

EgyptAir had already booked more than 5,000 flights for the week. 

Its most recent flight from Istanbul to Cairo in July had an estimated delay of 30 minutes.

In July, EgyptAir reported delays of up to 30 minutes on its A330.