What to know about cairo pharmacy

Pharmacy owner Maria Lopes said she was shocked to see what she called a “horrible situation.”

She said she noticed two employees who had been on duty for over two hours had taken a drug that was being tested.

One was not working and one was.

The pharmacy has been closed for several weeks, and it will be closed again on Wednesday, Lopes told NBC affiliate KCEN.

“The employees are being held on suspicion of taking the drug, which is illegal, and they have not yet been released,” Lopes, owner of a chain of pharmacies in Costa Rica, said.

“We’ve asked them to come back and explain why they did what they did, and if they are not cooperating with us we will release them.

We have had no complaints.”

A video posted to YouTube shows the employees, who are wearing masks, being taken into a room and then taken to another room to undergo a drug test.

“We asked the pharmacist if they have any other drugs,” Lodes said.

The pharmacist told her the workers were not in a state of intoxication and that they could not take any other medications.

“I didn’t know that was the case,” Lode said.

When the employees were released from the testing room, they were still wearing masks.

They were asked to return to their regular shift and then they would go back to their normal working hours, Lodes told NBC.

Lopes said the pharmacy was the only pharmacy in Costa Rico that had closed down, and she believes other pharmacies have closed down as well.

The Costa Rican Health Ministry said in a statement that it was aware of the incident and was working with authorities to identify and deal with the situation.

Lope told NBC that she is a pharmacist who had worked at the pharmacy for 18 years.

She has been working in Costa Rican pharmacies for over a decade and she knows the staff very well.