RTE news: RTE shows Cairene Hospital’s emergency department covered by ‘healthcare savings’

Cairena Hospital in Cairenes, Co Galway, is in the spotlight again as a case study in the ‘health savings’ phenomenon, with the local authorities claiming that it has saved €30,000 in health costs.

The facility, which opened in 2008, was in need of a facelift when the building was razed in the city centre in the aftermath of the earthquakes and fire disasters.

The hospital was able to provide an emergency department, a pharmacy and a health centre for €40,000.

The health savings have been made up of savings on rent, utilities, electricity, heat, water, rent, insurance and other charges, said the Caireann Health Agency.

In an official statement, the Cairoan Health Authority said it has made significant savings through the facelifts.

“This has been achieved through an integrated system of social and operational processes,” the statement read.

“It has provided us with a number of significant savings which have now been reinvested into the health services at the hospital.”

There have been many similar developments across the country.

In March, the health department in Cork city announced that it had saved €100,000 on its operating costs through the establishment of a pharmacy, and the construction of a hospital.

The local authority has also seen a significant rise in the number of hospital admissions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a number have been funded by the health savings.

The Cairean Health Agency has also received a significant amount of support from the Government and other bodies.

The new Caireán Hospital is due to be completed by the end of 2017.