Pharmacy and hospital in caIRO, Heliopolis

Pharmacy has been closed in Cairo, where the country is under a state of emergency imposed after a chemical attack in the capital last year. 

The closure of the pharmacy was announced by the state health department, which said on Twitter that the state of emergencies was in place for all pharmacies and hospitals in the city, where residents are living under curfew.

A government official, who asked not to be identified, said the closure was necessary for the safety of the public, as the pharmacy had been operating illegally for three months. 

A spokesman for the health ministry, who did not want to be named, said it was the responsibility of the state to protect the public from any risks.

“We are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of all of the citizens in Caireas.

This includes the health facilities,” he said. 

Some hospitals are still open.

The Cairean State of Emergency is in place over the threat of chemical weapons attack on the city.

The US military has conducted air strikes on suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria and Iraq, in which about 1,600 people have been killed, including more than 100 children, in the past two years.

In a separate development, the president of the European Commission has called on the European Union to open a probe into allegations that the EU has been funding NGOs that provide “material support” to the Syrian opposition. 

“The Commission must not only open an investigation into the allegations of funding by the EU for the Syrian Opposition but also the alleged financing of NGOs and political parties which provide material support for the opposition, such as the National Coalition,” Jean-Claude Juncker, the leader of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), said in a statement. 

It is not clear if the allegations are connected to the chemical attack. 

EU officials were quoted by Reuters news agency as saying there had been no specific request to open an inquiry. 

Juncker is also demanding an end to the “political interference” in European elections in 2017.