Cairo pharmacies, medical shops face closure

Cairo (AP) Pharmacies and medical shops in Egypt are closing in what health officials say are the most urgent cases.

The health ministry says the closures come after the country’s coronavirus outbreak.

It says 1,600 cases of the virus have been confirmed and 2,700 people have died.

Medical staff and customers say the closures are a result of the government’s heavy reliance on private sector.

It blames the closures on a lack of health facilities and poor treatment for the coronaviruses.

The Egyptian Medical Association, which represents medical professionals in the country, says the closure is in response to the coronas outbreak.

“We want to say that the state is not treating us,” said Mohamed Hani, who is a member of the association.

“We’re suffering a huge burden because of the coronapillosis outbreak.

We have not received any proper care for our diseases.”

The government has been blaming the coronakid outbreak on the coronacovirus vaccine that was released in late November.

The vaccine was initially distributed through pharmacies, but as it was being rolled out, some pharmacies were closed, while others were being opened.

A senior official said the government had no plans to reopen any pharmacies that have been closed.

Health Minister Abdulrahman el-Ghanem says the country needs to take a “new approach” to the epidemic.

He says the government is working with medical institutions to get the coronavalcirus vaccine to the country quickly.

The country’s main health authority says about 3,000 coronaviral cases have been reported.

The World Health Organization says about 11,000 people have been infected and more than 3,300 deaths have been recorded in the countries coronavirochondrial coronaviret virus outbreak.